Confronting With TomTom Error? Resolve It Permanently With TomTom Support

TomTom device is appropriate for the navigation and mapping the roads during the traffic. Beside its extensible feature and activities, some of the significant technical glitches make it complicated to handle. The network error, navigation issues, watch battery drainage problem, etc. are the most common troublesome factors in the TomTom device. In this article, we are trying to discuss the entire thing along with proper technical assistance.

Know More About Possible TomTom Issues With Our TomTom Support

Multiple issues you can find if you are a long time user of TomTom. Then, you need to overcome them according to the type of problems. Here, we are going to discuss briefly the possible errors with the significant issues. Not only that but also we also try to provide with you the appropriate solutions as the recommendations over here. We hope the solutions will be beneficial for you to fix this annoying issue immediately.

GPS Issue

TomTom Buddies is a free service to track the others’ movements as well as helps to utilize the route from the road-map. While you are traveling, then you come accross the driving issue due tio the GPS failure. It may happen if your TomTom device navigation doesn’t receive the GPS signal. The reason might be either the view is obstructed, or the software used in your device is failed to generate it. So, you have to update the device software or reset the navigation device. However, if you are facing this annoying issue for a long time, don’t wait to connect with us at our Techpulse 360 team for a technical fix.

Update Problem

Error occurs during the update can happen due to multiple reasons. So, during the upgrade of the TomTom driver, you can see the unexpected error message “Update Error!try again later”. You may try to download the new version for multiple times, but in each case, you get stuck with the same error. Make sure, the navigation device is connected to the MyDriverConnect, and you are using a stable internet connection. If the Wi-Fi signal is showing a weak signal or signal drops on a frequent basis, then connect with your ISP for a quick fix.

Sync Problem

While you try to sync the TomTom watch to the device, you may get stuck with a fatal error. Again, you may sync it with your handset, but it stops working. Then, you need to update it immediately to avoid this error.

Besides this, the sync issue may occur in case of the updating or syncing the watch sports App. You may notice that the previous activities are synchronized successfully, but the problem arises while you try to sync the latest updates. This severe issue is not possible to resolve without proper technical assistance and Techpulse 360 team is here to fix this error technically.

Battery Drainage Problem

If you are using the updated version of TomTom, battery life issue may be the most common problem to the users. So, you need to check the battery life. In the case of extending it, factory reset is the best idea as well as it will keep the system healthier than the previous stage.

Again, stop using the battery outside of the car helps to increase the battery life of your TomTom device. Furthermore, if you are using the multiport watch and try to re-install the software multiple times, but the problem is yet not removed, then contact at TomTom Support as soon as possible.

Pairing Issue

While you try to sync the TomTom devices via computer, then you can see that it can’t pair with the other devices. Then, you can face pairing issue as well as the TomTom stops to respond. An outdated firmware is a major issue behind this TomTom device problem. So, try to upgrade the firmware with the latest version. Still, the problem persists, then place a call or drop an email for our Techpulse 360 team technical help.

Difficulty With Display

Sometimes, you may face the problem while yoyu are checking the GPS at the yime of driving. Then, you may try to turn off the GPS and enable it again, but the problem is not removed. So, check whether the TomTom device battery. The charging problem causes this annoying issue. However, you may replace the battery as well as the charger. Now, verify your display is adequately shown while GPS is enabled. For a problematic phase, you can get in touch with us at our Techpulse 360 team.

Faulty Watch Issue

The installation error causes the Sports Watch issue. If you update the software used in the TomTom device, make sure that your device has enough space to install the latest version. Due to incomplete installation, the watch stops to work. As a result, you encounter the screen brightness issue due to low charge. Replacement of the watch battery with a new one along with the original charger is the only way to avoid this kind of problem. However, you can connect with us for an immediate fix.

Here, we have given all the possible solutions which help you to get rid of the TomTom failure issue easily. If you still struggling with the TomTom issue, don’t wait to connect with us at our TomTom Support for a good fix.

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