If You Are Facing Problems With Quick Heal Products Then Take A Turn To TechPulse 360

Quick Heal is a well-renowned brand in the field of Antivirus and internet security. It’s top-notch protection and multi-platform adaptability make it the first choice for customers. But like nothing can be flawless, even Quick Heal is not an exception.

Many Quick Heal product like Quick Heal Total Security, Quick Heal AntiVirus Server, etc faces different kinds of problems. Usually, those problems are related to the software and that’s why many customers can’t detect them until something major happens with the OS. So whenever you get any issues or problems with Quick Heal products you should contact an expert. In Techplus 360 we have a team of expert and experienced professionals who deal with this type of issues every day and can provide you with the best Quick Heal Support service.

Issues With Quick Heal product

Quick Heal products work in a very user-friendly manner but most customers don’t get the hint or clues generated by the OS and the Quick Heal products. So, here are some general issue with the Quick Heal product along with their symptoms.

Problems With The Windows And Mac OS systems


QuickHeal UI for both Windows And Mac OS is very transparent to use. Most of the time it gives hints about the problems by showing error codes and unusual phenomena in the OS. Let’s have a look into those.

  1. During the Quick Heal product update, you will get an error code and a note. On that note, the reason for an update failure is a bad Internet connection. However, your internet may seem to work fine. At that time you should contact us at Techplus 360 for the best Quick Heal Support service.
  2. The second hint about the problem is given by your OS and the hint is a slow responsive system. In this situation, your OS will work in a very sluggishly manner. The input from your keyboard or mouse or any other device and output from the system will respond in a lackadaisical way.
  3. Now, If you have ignored both the initial hints and didn’t contact us at TechPulse 360 for the Quick Heal Support service, then your system will give you another hint by freezing itself. This will happen for a few seconds and then the system will go back to normal. But this will clarify that your system is in trouble and it needs help as soon as possible.
  4. Another hint about the problem will come from Quick Heal products and that will an ” App Crash”. In that situation whenever you will open the Quick Heal App it will crash instantly. You can’t do anything about it because the app won’t allow you to do anything. But you don’t need to worry about it too much because in TechPulse 360 our experts are well familiar with this type of errors and they deal with it very easily.
  5. The last hint about the problem you will get from the OS is “System Crash”.This will happen when your system can’t keep the problem in check anymore. To save itself and your precious data it will shut itself down and start to rearrange itself. This situation also describes the severeness of the problem. That way before anything bad happens you should contact us at TechPulse 360 for the Quick Heal Support service.

Problems With The Android and IOS systems

All though Android and IOS are two different type of OS, The hints that indicate towards the problem are same on the both OS. The common hints on both OS are.


  1. Your device will start to overheat and at a certain point of time it will switch off automatically.
    2. The second problem will be the crash of the Quick Heal app. This will clarify that the problem is happening due to Quick Heal app.

  2. And the final hint of the problem will be the file corruption and slow performance of the UI. At that point your device definitely needs help and you can’t ignore it anymore.

Why Choose TechPulse 360 services for your Quick Heal products?

The most prominent reason for this is our service team. In our team, there are a bunch of experienced and professional technicians who deal with highly frustrating software problems on a daily basis and Quick Heal problem is one of them.

The Quick Heal products and their problem are mostly related to the software part, therefore, our technical team is able to rectify it pretty much easily without doing any kind of damage to your OS or the system.

In some cases, the problem is not in the software it’s in the hardware part. But you don’t need to worry about it also because our team members can verify this type of problems and are capable of rectifying it.

The Reasons To Choose TechPulse 360 For Your Problems

Every customer has different needs and required different types of services for their devices. In TechPulse 360, We know this point very clearly and that is why we have introduced a variety of service options for the customers. They just have to choose what they need. let’s have a look at those services.

  1. On-Time Service delivery.

Time is one of the precious things in this world and in current times devices became apart of it too. If your devices are separated from you then we can understand the problems and discomforts you’re going to face. That is the reason why our expert’s team will always deliver solutions for your problems on the committed time because commitment is the backbone of the company and in TechPulse 360 we follow it firmly.

2. 24*7 Service Availability

Problems in modern-day devices are like nightmares. They can appear in any situation in your dream without any kind of warning. In TechPulse 360 we know about it and that is the reason we provide our services 24×7. You don’t need to check the time or day to get our services. If your devices are facing any problem and you need our help then just hit us at our phone number. We will be there for your help.

3. Budget-Friendly Services

Many customers don’t look at authorized and genuine service providers because they are too expensive for them.  Instead of that, they move towards the unauthorized one and risk their much more expensive devices. But that is not the case with TechPulse 360 because we provide cost-efficient and genuine service for all our customer. You can also verify it by giving us a call.

4. At Home Service.

If you are unable to come to us because of any reason and still need our assistance then don’t worry because in one call we will at your place where ever it may be. This will also help us to show how efficient and dedicated we are at our services.

Want To Contact Us? Then Here Are The Ways To Do It

In TechPulse 360 we are ever ready to provide help to those who need. That is why we have provided different modes of communication to reach to us in whatever way they like. If someone wants to call us then they need to dial USA : +1-800-297-9984. If not call then you can also contact us via email [ ] also. If you want an instant solution to your problem then our live chat facility is always available for you.