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Nowadays, Laptops and PCs are in huge demand for various personal as well as professional requirements. Be it a laptop or PC of any brand, whether Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo or any else, they are also not immune to technical errors. Due to the presence of electrical components in it, any minor issues in any of its components might lead to defect in the proper functioning of the PCs and Laptops. There are various hardware and software problems which cause serious complications in the working of the device and they unintentionally affect the device from time to time.

The hardware problems are a bit difficult to rectify and solve in comparison to software issues. In fact, if you want to cure these issues, you must possess technical knowledge related to its components and applications. One of the very common issues with the laptops and PCs which is often encountered by most of the users is the audio or video related issues. If you encounter this issue, you can get in touch with our team of TechPulse360 for effective Audio and Video Support for solving the issues.

Frequent Audio And Video Issues Often Encountered By Laptop And PC Users :

Beside no audio or no video issues, sometimes you might also notice symptoms like distorted video or crackling sound coming from the device, intermittent audio, etc. These are various causes which led to these audio-visual errors in your computer. Listed below we have discussed some of the most popular causes which cause disruptions in your laptop or PC. These usually occur while viewing videos or while listening to music in your PC or laptops.

  • Due to accidental pressing of the mute button on the keyboard of your system
  • The power cord is not properly connected with the speaker or improperly plugged into the speaker
  • Due to the low volume or the accidental pressing of the mute button in the application which you are using like YouTube or any other platform.
  • Audio drivers are causing incompatibility issues with the Windows OS due to outdated or corrupted sound drivers or missing audio drivers in your system

List Of Additional Issues:

  • If you are using an HDMI cable to connect your computer to monitor which has built-in speakers, then the audio might not work
  • Sometimes, due to the BIOS problem, the system’s audio output may fail to work properly all of a sudden
  • Unable to load the video contents that you are trying to watch due to video’s incompatibility issue with the browser
  • Video playback issue due to outdated or corrupted graphics drivers
  • Unable to play videos due to problems with the Codec packs

Trust On Our TechPulse360 Experts To Get Quality Audio And Video Support:

Our pool of technicians at TechPulse360 provide standard Audio and Video Support by eliminating different sorts of audio and video related issues. Not only we fix the issues but also increase the efficiency of your device by clearing all the caches and cookies from your device. Below we have listed some of the prominent services that we offer:

  • Check the volume controls in both your PC and your external speakers
  • Make sure all the cables are connected properly into the speakers and the PC
  • You are using the right audio port for plugging the speaker plugins
  • Check the volume level in the application which you are using and increase it from there
  • Update your sound drivers and proper downloading and installation of the appropriate sound and graphics drivers for your system
  • Check the cable speakers connections as well as the external display
  • Fix the sound and video playback issues with Microsoft Fixit Troubleshooters
  • Update the BIOS to resolve audio and video related issues
  • Reset the sound device and graphics card by uninstalling at first and then reinstalling it back
  • Check the display settings and download codec installer to fix video issues

Probable reasons for choosing us for Audio and Video Support:

When it comes to eliminating audio and video related issues of your laptop and PC, then our team of TechPulse360 is most renowned. Our highly skilled professionals keep themselves updated with various tools and techniques which will help them in resolving the issues with accuracy and perfection. We enhance your device by replacing the defected parts with genuine components.

Be it audio drivers, graphics drivers or anything else, we replace them with the most appropriate one. Our services are also available at the odd time of the day. Therefore, you can easily contact us and avail our services hassle-free, as and when needed.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and thus we serve them by providing 100% guaranteed services. Thus charge them based on the service that we are providing and not on the time spent. Our services are quite cost-effective which makes it possible for the customers to afford. All these specialties make us special among the various service-providers available.

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As soon as you get any technical glitches related to sound or video in your laptop or PC, get in touch with our experienced team of professionals at TechPulse360. Here you will get exceptional Audio and Video Support for the various sound and video issues of laptop and PC. Even our services are available 24×7 and that too at an affordable cost, so without wasting any time contact us. Contacting us is not a daunting task, just place a call at our helpline number [ +1-800-297-9984 ] to interact with our experts directly. You might also opt for our live chat support to get immediate solutions online from our experts. Depending on the type of issue, our skilled professionals provide remote support. Moreover, don’t miss the opportunity to connect with us and resolve the issue instantly.