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Cakemail is an email marketing tool for small businesses and standard email software for sending emails to a list of addresses. Cakemail is a popular email service among numerous people for its extraordinary features. If the contact list in your Cakemail account contains incorrect addresses, then Cakemail automatically removes them. Moreover, if you are a businessman, you can set automated emails for responding to specific customers. Cakemail helps you to conform to legal requirements for carrying on your business. Besides, this it sends your messages to the correct addresses on a timely basis.  You can easily make professionally-looking emails by using Cakemail. Despite all these benefits, Cakemail suffers from some drawbacks as well. Hence, you need Cakemail support which can serve you as the last resort to fix all sorts of Cakemail issues.

Why Do You Need To Approach Our Cakemail Support?

You can think of our Cakemail Support if you are struggling with any Cakemail associated issues. We have provided below a brief account of the most frequent issues faced by small businessmen like you.

Cakemail DNS Server Issue

Users mostly complain that the DNS server is down. When the DNS server is down, the end users get DNS resolution error. As a result, you cannot connect to internal corporate networks. Since you cannot connect to the internet, you can’t send or receive emails from your Cakemail account. Therefore, your emails do not reach your business partners or the customers at the right time. It, in turn, hampers the productivity of your business and deteriorates your goodwill in the market.

User Interface Problem

Unwanted and spam emails may reach the inbox of your customers without your knowledge. It can affect your corporate image and your company’s reputation as well. Though you set automated emails, these may fail to reach the correct email addresses due to technical glitches. Apart from all these issues, you may come across several error codes which can make your Cakemail non-functional. Unless you a tech expert, it is not so easy for you to identify the source of these errors. But, if you connect with our Cakemail support our software specialists will fix these errors in no time.

Unable To Receive Or Send Emails

Though you are connected to a network, you may face difficulties in sending emails. When you are unable to send messages, the messages remain in the Outbox. Cakemail tries to send the message when the server issue is solved. As a result, it leads to duplicate emails, i.e., the receiver gets the same email twice. Sometimes emails may get into the spam box of your Cakemail account without your knowledge.

Furthermore, you may get an error message that the email server can’t deliver the emails because the recipient’s email box is full. Authentication issues with your email domain may prevent Cakemail from sending or receiving emails. The recipient’s server may also block emails from your server. The problem can occur even when you are not aware that the recipient has changed his email address.

Other Technical Issues

If you have started a new business and want to create a Cakemail account. But, you may not know the process of creating the account. Hence you can take help from our Cakemail support experts. In case you have created the account successfully, you may encounter technical inconvenience in tracking email campaigns. You may not access your account on different Operating systems. Customers reach out to us for recovering password of their Cakemail account. Hence, you can also get in touch with us for recovering your Cakemail account. You can take our assistance if your Computer’s Operating System fails to load your Cakemail account.

What Has Made Us The Number One Support Service In The Industry?

People prefer our Cakemail support as compared to other service vendors  for the following reasons:

24*7 Cakemail Support

Quite a good number of service providers are available in the industry to provide round the clock service. But, you may not get the best-in-class services that we provide to our customers. We are not only 24*7 accessible but also provide services at our customers’ doorstep and as per their requirement.

Time-Bound Services

We understand the value of time, hence, we do not practice keeping our valuable customers on hold. Our primary focus is to fix the problem in the lowest possible time. We do not compromise with the quality of services for delivering our services on time.

Cost-Effective Services

We take care of our customers’ budget and provide highly affordable services. The customers, therefore, feel relaxed to think that they are getting their service at a reasonable price and are not been cheated. Moreover, we give relaxation on price to the existing customers when they reach out to us with further issues. We do not rely on providing the same solutions to all customers facing the same issue. Inspite of that, we make tailor-made solutions which will serve the purpose of each customer in the best way.

Innovative Solutions

We conduct periodical workshops for our professionals to educate them on the upcoming technologies. It thereby helps them to discover unique ways of resolving the problems permanently. Our responsibility does not end with providing the solutions. We keep in touch with our customers even after providing the services and keep them up-to-date with the latest features of Cakemail. Besides providing the solutions, our tech experts inform the customers about the cause of their problems. So that they can take measures to prevent the problems from repeating themselves.

Get Connected With Us For User-Friendly Cakemail Support

This article may not encircle every single issue you can face with your Cakemail account. But, you can opt for our Cakemail Support if you are having any troubles with this email service. Below you will find the contact details of our Cakemail Support.

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Live Chat With Experts: People mostly prefer this communication channel for taking opinions or suggestions from our professionals.