Effortless WhatsApp Support With A Call

WhatsApp is a useful app for all users and well-known for its easy accessibility. Moreover, it is now the easiest way to connect with people worldwide. On the other hand, the connection issue, message sending errors are troublesome factors in WhatsApp. However, go through the entire article to fix the trouble or connect with Techpulse 360 team for effective WhatsApp Support in your budget.

Potential Reasons For Availing WhatsApp Support

There are following reasons which may create conflict while using WhatsApp.

Installation Problem

Sometimes, you may encounter the problem to install the WhatsApp application. Though you download this application from the authentic website, it raise multiple codes against the installation error. Moreover, your device starts to freeze. Incomplete installation or the missing of executable file create an issue in Whatsapp. Besides this, the incompatibility between the device and the WhatsApp version causes this annoying issue. So, make sure that device memory is sufficient to install this app and modify the device settings. Connect with us for a permanent and immediate fix.

Activation Code Issue

After installing Whatsapp, the activation code is used to authenticate the device. Without skipping this step, you won’t get permission to access this app. Many times, due to server issue or the registration failure, you may not get that verification code. Then, you need to cross-check the registered mobile number and make sure that the number is active. Wait for a few minutes. If the activation code is not received yet, then you need to avail Whatsapp Support from our experts.

WhatsApp Function Issue

The network connection problem or Wifi issue is responsible for making this kind of error. Then, you may fail to connect to WhatsApp without fixing it. Moreover, you won’t be able to send/receive a single message. Make sure that you are using a steady connection and the phone is switched on which you have used for operating WhatsApp. For technical help, you place a call at Whatsapp Tech Support Number USA : +1-800-297-9984 and get the best result.

Contact Recognition Problem

Make sure that you have the correct WhatsApp number of your friends. Sometimes, they use different numbers for calling and WhatsApp purpose. On the other hand, the contact recognition problem may happen due to a slow internet connection. In addition to that, using the outdated version of WhatsApp create this kind of conflict. So, try to avoid the above issues and for a severe problem, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Photo/Video Error

Many times, you can see the WhatsApp is working fine, but you come across this error when you try to send a substantial size content, PDF, photos or videos. Moreover, you get an unexpected error message “Can’t Download” while you try to download the received video. Memory insufficiency or improper installation of WhatsApp causes this issue. However, it is not a big deal for the experts at Techpulse 360 team  to resolve the WhatsApp video and image error immediately.

Difficulty With The TimeStamp

Multiple reasons are responsible behind the ‘Last Seen’ timestamp error. If you enable the privacy in your Last Seen, then you won’t be able to see the others. Besides this, a poor internet connection prevents this feature. Again, if it happens for a particular contact, then make sure whether the have blocked you or have set a privacy lock.

Voice Call Issue

You often face the Voice call problem while you try to connect with your WhatsApp contacts. Moreover, you may experience poor quality and call drops between any conversation. The network connection is the main reason for this kind of problem. Then, you may contact with the ISP for avoiding this issue. Otherwise, contact our Techpulse 360 team for a  technical fix.

Audio Message Error

As a regular WhatsApp user, you often see that an unexpected error crops up while you try to open the audio message that you have received. In addition to that, when you try to play the video, then you can face the same. However, Techpulse 360 team consists of experienced professionals who can eradicate your troubles in a minute.  

WhatsApp Is Blocked

Sometimes, you may notice that the “WhatsApp is blocked in your country” message pops up on the screen. Then, you may try with a VPN. Still, you are encountering the same, then it becomes a serious issue for you. However, you can overcome this significant issue by placing a call or connect with via our service representatives  for instant Whatsapp Support.

Photo Storage Issue

Most of the time, you can’t save the WhatsApp images that you have received. Furthermore, you can’t keep the others’ Profile picture if necessary, even can’t see. So, the privacy issue prevents you to see the profile photos. Besides this, the memory blockage or the WhatsApp Settings cause this problem. Then, you need to free up memory space by removing some of the installed apps.

Notification Error

WhatsApp runs as a background app even if you are offline. So, if any internal issue occurs, then it shows the notification, “You have a new message” but the name of the contacts won’t pop-up. Moreover, you won’t be able to see the new message while you open the app.

Here, we have discussed the possible WhatsApp issues along with significant reasons. Not only that, we have given the proper solutions to resolve any WhatsApp error efficiently. Even then if you are confronting with the WhatsApp error, don’t delay to get in touch with us for a hassle-free service.

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Our technical support is available for you 24*7 at an affordable rate. Moreover, we offer users a door-step service for their convenience.

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