How To Fix Brother Printer Offline: Tech Solutions

Brother manufacture best quality printers which are compatible as well as durable. Due to various conditions like poor WiFi connection and power supply, your printer may show offline status. Brother printer offline is not an exception in this regard.


What Causes Brother Printer To Show Offline?

Brother printers are long lasting, thus most of the users opt for this brand. But sometimes it starts to malfunction and show complex errors. It is very annoying and frustrating when you try to print some important document and the printer itself pops up with an offline notification status.

It can happen specifically when you are connected with the internet, but it failed to establish a proper connection. Another reason behind the problem may be related to the outdated printer driver. If the file system is corrupted, or any case you accidentally delete a folder, the print status will remain offline even if the device is turned on. In some cases, the hardware is responsible for these errors. For example, if the power button or USB cords are broken or damaged, the ink cartridge has minimal ink to print the set of a page, or if the ink is thickened, then you may face the issue.

In this article, we have listed several solutions to fix this problem below. Take a look and solve it by yourself.

Possible Solutions To Resolve Brother Printer Offline

In case if you are also facing the same issue regarding Brother Printer Offline then go through the simple steps discussed below.

Method 1. Set Your Printer As Default Printer

If you do not set your Brother printer as the default printer, then you may face the issue as well. Also, it does not allow to print the paper. So you need to set the Brother printer as the default printer. To do so, first of all, press and hold the Windows and the R key together from the keyboard. Then, type “Control” in the search box and tap on the Enter key. After that, from the Control Panel section, select the option “Devices and Printers.” Under the Printers option, select “Brother printing device” by right-clicking on it. Then, choose the option “Set as default printer.” Now you have set the printer as your default printer. Finally, try to print a page and check if the error persists.

Method 2. Unpause The Printer And Set It Using Online

If you pause or disconnect the printer or fix it as offline, then you may not be able to print the pages through it. Thus you need to set the printer as online. Follow the steps to do so. At first, begin with the option “Devices and Printers” from the section “Control Panel” as mentioned in the previous step. Now, select “Brother printer” by right-clicking on it. After that, choose the option “See what’s printing.” Then, you can see a new window will open and you need to choose “Printer” from it. Next, choose the icon “Open As Administrator.” Now, you have to tap on “Printer” option for once more. If you find “Pause Printing” and the “Offline” icon is marked as ticked then unpause it and untick the “Offline” option. Finally, close the tab and check if the printer is printing properly.


Method 3. Change the Spooler Service

You can check if there are still some glitches with the Brother printer itself. Open the cover and also the printer access door. Then check whether the print head has sufficient paper or fluid ink. Use a clean piece of cloth to clean the print head.

Try to disconnect the USB cord and attach it with some other printer. If your output is perfect, then you need to repair the previous machine.

You can also change the spooler of your Brother printer. Just tap on Windows logo and R simultaneously. Now type the command “services.msc” under Open dialog box and click OK. On the fresh page, press P to view a list of Spooler Service. Now check if the status is working. If it is not, right click with your mouse and Start with the operation. You can also tap on Restart icon to make changes in the Spooler Service. Close all the Windows and the Settings.

Method 4. Cancel All Printer Jobs

You need to clear all the printer jobs to avoid the issue. Go through the steps as mentioned below. First, open the option “Devices and Printers” from the section “Control Panel” as stated in the prior step. Now, choose “Brother printer” by right-clicking on it. Next, choose the option “See what’s printing.” Then, you can see a new window will open and you need to choose “Printer” from it. Next, choose the icon “Open As Administrator.” Then, tap on “Cancel All Documents.” Finally, press on the option ‘Yes’ to confirm it. At last, close the opened tab and see if the problem is solved.

Method 5. Update The Printer Driver

Seldom a simple update of the printer driver can fix the issue as well. Corrupt and junk files can take up a lot of space in RAM and can affect the Brother printer driver. Hence, you should erase the unnecessary items and upgrade the printer driver. To follow the step, go to the official website of  Brother printer and purchase the driver that is compatible with the operating system you are currently using. Else you can download and install some tools to upgrade the printer driver. You can open the Settings of your PC and enable it to perform the function.

Method 6. Check Your Printer

At the last step, when you see the printer is in an offline state, you need to ensure that the printer is switched on or waken from sleep mode. Check the LCD screen of the printer and notice if it shows an error notification which you can solve. Thus you can fix this by restarting the printer else you can also reset the router as well.

Additional Tips To Solve The Issue:

If the internet connection is slow then you may confront this problem. Thus check the network connection frequently while working with the printer.

Be sure that many routers have a specific timeout period in which it logged out automatically. So you need to “Disable” the setting.

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