Acer Laptop Won’t Turn On | Effective Fixes

Acer is an electronics hardware manufacturing company. They manufacture Laptops, Printers and Mobile Phones. However, you may be the one among the others who are facing this Acer laptop won’t turn on problem. If you are facing the same, then you can continue reading this article to get the ways to make it resolve.

Causes For which Acer Laptop Not Turning On

There may be several causes for which you may face this Acer laptop won’t turn on or charge issue. The reason can be as follows.

  • Laptop battery issue.
  • Hardware Problem.
  • Electrical Power Issue.

How To Get Rid Of Acer Laptop Won’t Turn On Issue

If you are looking for the solutions for this irritating and as well as the most frightening problem, then you are in the right place. Here we are trying to provide you with the solutions in an easier way, by which you can be able to resolve this problem. Now have a look for the solutions.

Fix 1: Replace Battery

Before doing this process at first, you need to remove all the connected components from your device. After that, locate to the laptop battery which you can find at the rear portion of your laptop. Then, remove it from its place and place it back in once again. It is better to replace it with a new battery. When done, check whether you can now be able to turn on your laptop. And if not then check for the second procedure.

Fix 2: Connect Your Laptop To The Switch Board

If there is no charge remaining in your laptop battery, then it may also be a cause for which you are not able to turn on your device. If this is the case, then check it by only plug in your laptop to the switchboard with the help of your laptop adapter. And if it works then fine, else you can turn off your laptop and put it on charge until it gives you the signal that its over. This will be the best procedure by which you may be able to fix this problem.

The problem can also be with your AC adapter for which you are not able to charge your laptop. To check this, you can use another USB adapter to charge your laptop and if it works then change your Acer laptop adapter.

Fix 3: Put Your Laptop Under The Sun

If your laptop gets wet due to uncertain cases, then put your laptop under the sun for at least 3 days to dry it up. After that you can check, it will be able to fixed Acer laptop not turning on issue.

These are the procedures which you may apply to resolve your Acer laptop won’t turn on issue.

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