Dell Laptop Black Screen Issue At Your Fingertips

After updating Windows 10, facing the problem with the black screen error is the most annoying issue for the Dell laptop users. It may happen due to the external drive problem or display driver issue. Therefore, you won’t be able to work with the Windows 10 due to system file corruptions. Moreover, your display pops-up an unexpected error message, “Your PC needs to restart! Error code: 0x00000100”.

Repair Dell Laptop Black Screen Error With Easy Steps

Check The External Drives

Sometimes, the external drives create this black screen error like a major issue. Therefore, you have to disconnect all the external drives from your system to resolve it. This process will help to indicate the possible reason for this software issue.

First, unplug all the external drives and reboot the system. After that, you need to check whether the black screen with the cursor persists or not. It is the basic process to resolve the Dell laptop black screen error temporarily.

Rollback The Driver

If you recently, installed a new driver, then the Windows black screen error may be triggered due to this issue. Therefore, your system starts freezing, moreover, the running program may crash all of a sudden. In that situation, without uninstalling the new driver, it is impossible to fix.

First, press Windows key and type, “devicemngr” in the search box. Now, open the Device Manager window by hitting the “Enter” key. In this window, you need to choose the “Display Adapter” section and expand it. Then, right-click on the “Display Adapter” from the list and click on “Properties” to open the Properties window. You have to tap on the “Driver” tab from the Properties window and select the option, “Roll Back Driver”. It will help you to get back your system in the previous version.

Upgrade Display Driver

Many times, an outdated driver becomes a major problem in Windows working issue. Therefore, the performance level of your system may degrade, and shows the error message, “Windows Black screen error!”

Press Windows key from the keyboard and again open the “Device Manager” from the Start menu. Now, go to the “Display Adapter” section and expand it. After that, right-click on the “Video-driver” and choose the option, ‘Update Driver” from the pop-up menu.

Finally, select the option, “Search automatically for updated driver softwarefrom the resultant window. Now, restart your system and check whether the Dell laptop black screen problem persists or not.

Update BIOS

Tap the Windows key and open the Start menu. In the left pane of the Start menu, you will find the Settings app (Gear icon). Now, go to the “Update & security” section and select the option, “Recovery” from the left menu. After that, click on “Restart” under the “Advanced Startup” section. Click on “Troubleshoot” and “Advanced Options” accordingly. Now, select the option, “UEFI Firmware Settings” to update firmware and BIOS. In the end, reboot the system and check whether the black screen error in Dell laptop solved.

Boot System In Safe Mode

System file corruption is another problematic factor in black screen error. To remove the same, you have to repair the system files. For that, you need to run system file checker in Command Prompt.

First, turn on your system and press F8 from the keyboard immediately after showing the Dell logo. It will open a black screen window with several startup options. You have to navigate the key and choose the option, “Safe mode”. Now, hit the “Enter” button to open your PC in safe mode.

Now, press Windows key and choose the option “Command Prompt”. After that, you need to right-click on it and choose the option, “Run as administrator”. In the Command Prompt window, you have to run the command, “sfc/scannow”. It will start checking the files automatically and repair the system file error. Finally, reboot your computer and check whether the Dell laptop black screen error is removed or not.

Boot In Safe Mode With Networking

Sometimes, the simple boot mode can’t resolve this issue. Then, Boot in safe mode with Networking is the suitable option to perform the task.

Again, boot your system in Safe mode with Networking by pressing the function key, “F8” after seeing the Dell logo. Now, open the Settings app from the Start menu and locate the “Update & Security” section. Finally, click on the button, “Check for updates” to upgrade the system. It will resolve the black screen error by using the latest Windows update version.

Turn Off Fast Startup Feature

Windows 10 comes with a useful Fast Startup feature. It is a combination of shutdown and hibernation process. Moreover, it makes the PC faster. Besides its incredible functionality, it is also responsible for creating this black screen error after wakeup your system from sleep mode.

First, press Windows +S key and expand the “Power Settings” window. Now, choose, “Power & Sleep Settings” from the menu. In the Settings window, click on the option, “Additional power settings“. In the Power Options window, you need to select the option “Choose what the power button does” from the left pane of the window. Then, click on “Change settings that are currently unavailableand uncheck the option, “Turn on fast startup (recommended)“. Finally, tap the button, “Save changes’ to apply the changes accordingly.

Disable CPU Graphics

Sometimes, CPU works like a GPU in a new device. Therefore, if you have a dedicated graphics card on your PC, the chances of facing the graphics card issue is maximum,  However, temporary disabled of GPU is a process to fix this Dell laptop black screen problem.

First, open the Control Panel window from the Start menu. Now, click on the sub-menu, “Device Manager” under the menu, “Devices & Printers”. Locate the option, “Display Adapters” and expand it. In this section, you will find another item, “Graphics” and right-click on it to make it disable.

Perform Clean Boot

Most of the times the third-party software damage the system files, disk spaces, etc. Therefore, the clean boot is the process to identify the exact problematic applications responsible for this error.

Press Windows +R simultaneously and open the “Run” dialog box. After that, enter “msconfig” in the search box and hit “Enter” button to open the System Configuration window.

Now, go to the Service tab and put a check mark on the option, “Hide all Microsoft services”. Make it disable by clicking on the button, “Disable All”.

Then, open the Startup tab and open the “Task Manager” window by tapping that specific icon. After that, choose the applications which you want to disable from the list and right-click on them one by one to disable them accordingly. After disabling, re-open the “System Configuration” window. Click on “Apply”, “OK” button respectively to save the changes and restart your system to fix the black screen error.

We have discussed the entire processes by which you can use helps to remove black screen error permanently. Furthermore, this article will be beneficial both for a technical and non-tech-savvy person to handle it by avoiding the possible conflicts.

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