Epson Printer Printing Blank Page Issue – Easy Steps To Resolve

Among all other printing devices available in the market, Epson manufactures one of the best printers. It is due to the good quality and easy placement of buttons, Epson printers have become popular among users. This company has a number of printer models with varied specifications and useful features. Despite of its attributes, you may often come across various errors. One such complex error include Epson printer printing blank page. You can get this issue due to the reasons below.

  • If the ink cartridge is not correctly put into the machine.
  • When the ink cartridge is completely out.
  • Clean the dry ink from the print heads.
  • If the driver of the printer is outdated then you can get this error.

Steps To Solve The Epson Printer Printing Blank Page Issue

You will get the steps in this section of the article to solve the issue of the Epson printer print blank pages.

Look At The Installation Of Ink Cartridge

If the ink cartridge of the printer is not correctly placed in the proper position then you can get this issue. Even if you do not take out the protective sheet from the cartridge after you install the cartridge then you will obviously get this error. In order to resolve this issue, follow the steps below.

  • First, remove the cartridge out from the device.
  • Then, make sure to take out the protective sheet from the cartridge. That will be according to the color of the ink.
  • Now, after that insert back the ink cartridge into its correct place.
  • Check if the error is removed by printing a paper.

Examine The Level Of The Ink In the Cartridge

Sometimes you can also get this issue if the level of ink present in the cartridge is not full and due to that your printer cannot be able to print. Therefore, the only solution to rid of this problem is to examine the ink level in the cartridge after a certain period of time say of about a week or so, according to your usage. Now, if the level of ink becomes low or empty then immediately fill the cartridge and try to print a paper.

Remove Any Dry Ink From The Print Heads

When you do not use the printer for quite some time then the residual ink present on the printhead can get dry. Thus when you try to print a paper then it may come out as a blank paper. Therefore, in order to remove any dry ink from the printhead do the follow these steps below.

  • To clear the ink from the print head, first, take out the ink cartridge from the printer.
  • Now, take some cotton or a lint-free cloth and wipe the printhead fully. After you have cleaned the printhead, install the cartridge back to its proper place.
  • At last, print a paper and see if the error comes up or not.

Use A Different Software

If you get an Epson printer printing blank page issue while you try to print a document from a certain software, try to print that document from a different software and see if that works.

Update The Driver Software Of The Printer

If your Epson printer has an obsolete driver then also you may get this issue. So, now look for the driver software of the printer. Then you can download it from the manufacturers’ website. After that, you will have to install it by following the on-screen instructions, when you double click on the executable file.

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