How To Change Belkin Router Password- Simple Methods To Follow

The well-known router manufacturer company Belkin is the ultimate choice for all the purposes which is equally effective both for the home or the office work. It provides a user-friendly and really a reliable interface for users. Despite its brilliant performance, users often want to know the process of how to change Belkin router password. Belkin products rarely disappoint customers. The user liked it on any other brand due to its flexible price range, and it also makes the users more reliable.

Resetting the password is very important to all the users from getting hacked. Changing the password frequently keeps the router more safe and secure from the hackers. If you are also want to know the process, then go through this article for proper information.

Possible Ways To Change The Belkin Router Password

Belkin routers are quite different to change the password compared to the others router. If you are also finding the fixes of changing the Belkin router password, then you need to follow the rules as discussed below.

Method One:

In case you are unable to access the setup page of the router, or forget the password then you probably need to reset the router. You need to press the reset button for few seconds to reset the router.

Check whether the power light is flickering when you start to reset the router. It symbolizes that the reset process begins properly. Make sure that, the location of the reset button may vary in each model. So be careful while pressing the reset switch. When the reset process is totally completed then unplug the router and plug in at once.

  • For resetting Asus router password, first, open a new browser window.
  • Now, type in the address bar and press Enter.
  • Then, choose the option Change Wireless Password that is shown in the right-hand side of the window. You can also select the icon Wireless settings, Setup or Wireless depending on your router.
  • Enter the default username and the password for your router. You can see an option of change or reset the password.
  • Now, set a new password of your choice. Create a strong password.
  • Then, re-enter the password and select the option Apply to save the changes.

After that, reconnect the devices and access with the new password. Hope that by the given processes you will be able to change the Asus router password quickly.

Method Two:

You only need to follow the steps and reset your wireless router to factory settings, and then, it is very easy to set up the router like a new one. Go through the steps as mentioned.

First of all, connect the Belkin router to a power supply. Then, to reset the router, you need to get the help of a pen or a clip. Now, press and hold the Reset key by using the pen or the clip. Next, press and hold the key for about 30 seconds and then release it. After resetting the router, you will see that all the lights are blinking. By this process, you can easily change or reset your Belkin router’s password.

Additional Tips You Need To Remember

While changing your password some other things you should keep in mind. The things are discussed underneath.

  • While changing your passcode, you should be sure that you are connecting with a good network connection or a good wifi connection. The poor connection may create issues.
  • Always create a strong password. Use the combination of letter and number and also make it with at least eight characters. But remember that do not use punctuation mark.
  • Do not use generic numbers like “12345” or “abcde” because it is very easy for the hacker to hack your ID.
  • You need to change the password frequent times. It would keep the passcode more safe and secure.


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