How To Perform Factory Reset Asus Laptop With Easy Hacks

Factory settings are the best approach to fix any system issues efficiently. Though, it removes all user data from your system but is helpful to increase the system performance. In addition, it removes all the bugs of your system to keep your device malware-free. However, If you are fed up with your system’s sluggish performance with Asus laptop, then the factory reset Asus Laptop will help you to resolve the problem effectively. Read the article to learn how to factory reset Asus laptop windows 10.

How To Factory Reset Asus Laptop Windows 10-Generic Process

There are several methods to recover the system backup process and reset the Factory Settings. Here, we are talking about the entire process using the Windows recovery setup and via specific tools. You may use any of them to restore the System failure quickly.

Windows Recovery Settings

Windows recovery settings help to perform the factory settings program efficiently. So, you need to modify the Windows setting to recover the System failure issue.

First, press Windows key from keyboard to open the Start menu and click on the Settings from the left pane. Then, choose the section, “Update & Security”. After that, you need to select the tab, “Recovery” and choose, “Get Started” to begin the Asus laptop factory recovery process.

In the next window, choose the option, “Keep my files or Remove everything“. It will remove some of the installed apps and tap on “Next” to continue the process. Finally, tap on “Reset” to complete the factory reset process in Asus laptop. It will take several minutes to complete the factory recovery process successfully and remove the unnecessary applications.

Windows Restore Point

Restart your system and press F8 from the keyboard immediately after seeing the “Asus” logo. After that, select the option, “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” from the several options of the window. Then, hit the “Enter” button to open your device in Command prompt. It will automatically log your system as an Administrator. Now, run the command “rstrui.exe” to get the System Restore window. Finally, follow the restoration instructions and finish the system recovery process.

Recovery Process

Reboot the Asus laptop and press F9 from the keyboard after the booting operation. This will help to open the boot screen and choose the option, “Recover Windows to Entire HD”. Then, hit the “Enter” button to open the Recovery window. Press “Y” three times to confirm the restore process. Then, the laptop will restore the factory settings. Now, restart the system and approve the license agreement.

After that, select the “Language Preference” and set a system name. Now, click on “Next”. Enter your password to confirm the process and tap on “Next”. Finally, set a correct time zone and date confirmation. Finally, click on “Next” and “Finish” respectively to complete the process. Now, restart the system and check whether the factory settings are done successfully or not.

Advanced Startup

Restart your system and press F11 from the keyboard immediately after showing the booting up the window with the “Asus” logo. After that, you must go to the “Advanced restart” option and click on the “Troubleshoot”. Now, tap the option, “Reset This PC” and “Remove Everything” option respectively. Choose the option, “Fully Clean the Driveand reboot the system. After finishing the process, your system will remove each and every data will be removed automatically.

Via Windows Recovery Tool

Windows recovery tool is used to back up the data without system failure. Moreover, it is helpful to do factory settings and repair the system file corruption immediately.

Download the Windows recovery tool from the Microsoft Official site and install the tool successfully. After that, burn a new DVD/ Flash drive using that program. Then, boot the system through the DVD. Finally, set a password to log in the Windows 10 and complete the factory settings.

Here, we have discussed the solutions briefly. We hope these will be useful to remove the difficulty with a factory reset in Asus laptop. Moreover, it helps to fix the disks partition problem as well as system file corruption issue immediately without hampering the other sectors. However, this article will assist the non-tech savvy person as well to reset the factory settings effectively.

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