How To Login CenturyLink Router: Step By Step Guide

A router is an electronic device that joins networks. It makes a table of the routes which are free and their urgent requirements. Among all the router manufacturing companies, CenturyLink is known for providing a high-speed internet by using their latest technology. CenturyLink is one of the manufacturing companies which initiated the world’s fastest wireless router. It uses a cost algorithm to get the proper information along with the minimal distance coverage principle to conclude the best path for the inscribed packet. Often the users may ask about the procedures regarding “How to Login CenturyLink router?”. Sometimes, users encountered with some common problems with their CenturyLink routers. Difficulties are Power and DSL light issue, WiFi, internet, ethernet, WPS light problems, etc. So this article is associated with the procedures to log in to CenturyLink routers.

CenturyLink Router Login: Necessary Anticipations And Procedures

As we know that, CenturyLink router is popular among all the users because of its productivity and efficient performance. So, now we are going to discuss the procedures for how to Login CenturyLink router.

Well, before going to start the procedures, verify whether you have all the proper equipment or not. So, if you bought your modem from CenturyLink, then you must have these products included along with your modem:

  • A modem.
  • Main power cord which will be attached to your modem.
  • A green phone cord along with a yellow ethernet cable.

Now, have a look at the procedures.

Attach It In

So, if you want to connect with the modem with CenturyLink, then disconnect all the devices which are connected to your line, except the modem.

Find A Location For The Modem

The position of your modem can affect its performance. It is electronic equipment so pick a place where the air circulation is healthy and that will not get too hot quickly.

Because if the electronic components get hot excessively then, it doesn’t work correctly.

Note: Keep one thing in your mind that the modem must stay clear of the other wireless devices, telephones and significant quantities of water like in an aquarium, etc.

Main Power Cord Connection

In this particular procedure, connect the main power cable that comes with your modem.

  • First, connect the main power outlet with one end of the power cord.
  • Then, attach the back side of the modem with the main power cord.
  • Now, wait for sometimes until the power light of the modem turns to green.

Note: In case, if your modem doesn’t have a power switch then attach it with power code and will turn on automatically. Otherwise, if your modem has a power switch, then check whether it is on or not.

Attach Your Modem

Via An Ethernet Cable: So, if you want to use an ethernet connection, then you have to use the yellow cable that came along with your modem.

  • First, attach one end of the yellow cable into your device.

Note: Power of the device must be ON.

  • Then, plug the back side of the modem with the yellow cable.
  • After attaching the ethernet cable, the light should turn to green.

For Wireless Connection: In case, if you want to connect without any wires, i.e., wirelessly then you need the SSID and Passphrase, which you will get at the bottom of the modem.

After completing the procedure, you can see the internet light is glowing. If it is:

Green: If the internet light is green then you are on the internet.

Orange: If your internet light turns to orange then open your web browser and complete the internet activation procedure.

To activate your internet service, visit a computer which is connected to the modem and open a browser. e.g., Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox etc..

And finally, when you open the web browser, you can see the welcome screen. When you can see the CenturyLink logo and a message of welcome, you will understand that you are in the right place.

No Light: If there is no light in the then you need to check the connections.

So, now we will discuss the internal setup of the CenturyLink router. Steps are as follows:

Step-1: At the beginning, put the internal IP address of your CenturyLink router in the address bar of your browser and then hit the enter button.

Step-2: Now, you need to know the username and the password to login to your CenturyLink router. After you know the username and the password, put it inside your dialog box that pops up in the screen.

Solutions To CenturyLink Login Issues

Users may encounter some problems at the time of login to their CenturyLink routers, are listed below.

Password Doesn’t Work

You should try some other passwords. Sometimes, your routers default password is different.

Forget CenturyLink Password

If your service provider supplied you the router then you can call them and ask them whether they know your router’s username and password or not.

Reset CenturyLink Router Default Settings

Even after following all the procedures, if you are still unable to log in, then you can reset your router’s default settings.

So, if you don’t know the procedures regarding how to Login CenturyLink router then you can read this article, This will definitely help you.