iTunes Won’t Open Windows 10: Easy Hacks To Fix

Many Apple users prefer to use the iTunes application to download any files, watch videos, movies and even to play games. It also gives you the digital sound and helps all types of media files. Furthermore, you can use the iTunes application in your Apple iOS and also in the Windows Operating System. It’s supported in iOS systems, for example, iPhone, iPod, and iPads. It is an open source for all kind of conditions a system could have. Also, iTunes provides ringtones, games, software applications, podcasts, television shows, and even audiobooks. Despite, all this facilities and features, you may have some problem while accessing the application. In Windows 10 Operating System, you may often face the iTunes won’t open Windows 10 problem.

If you are a Windows Operating System and using iTunes application, then you may face many problems. iTunes won’t open Windows 10 is a common problem among the windows users. Due to the problem in the Windows drivers or if you are trying to access any outdated iTunes application, then you may encounter the problem. Moreover, you may also face the problem if there is any problem in the iTunes’s system files. Sometimes the Windows Firewall also causes this kind of problem in your system.

This iTunes problem is not a fatal problem. You can fix the problem if you have some technical knowledge. In any case, if you are not aware of the problems, then this article will help you to remove the problem. Follow the article and you will be able to gather some information of the problem and the methods of how to solve it.

Easy Troubleshooting Ways To Resolve iTunes Won’t Open Windows 10

While you are having the iTunes won’t open Windows 10 in your system, it may irritate you and also prevent you to access your sytem. Hence it is most important to remove it from your system. Here, we have gathered some effective and easy solution methods to fix the problem quickly.

Solution 1: Restart Your Computer

Restarting the system is the most efficient way to fix any minor problem in your sytem. This iTunes won’t open on PC problem may be fixed by this method. So, hold the Power button for 10 seconds. After that, it will automatically be turned off and then after some time, it will be turned on again. Now you may not face the problem again in your system.

Solution 2: Open In Safe Mode

Opening any application in Safe Mode is the safest way to access any application or software. Safe mode always reduces the possibility to face any kind of problem related to the application. Hence, you can try to open the iTunes application in safe mode to fix the problem.

Press and hold the CTRL and SHIFT buttons together and double-click on the iTunes application. After that, the application will start in safe mode and you can access it smoothly in your system.

Solution 3: Change Windows Firewall Settings

To defend your computer and laptops from the malware and virus attack, Windows Firewall application was introduced. But this Windows Firewall application may, in turn, create many problems in your system. Due to some problems in the Windows Firewall settings, you may face this kind of iTunes problems in your system. Hence, change the Firewall settings to access iTunes application again in your system.

At first, open the Start menu by pressing the CTRL and ESC keys and type firewall.cpl in the search box and hit the Enter button. After that, select the “Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” in your Windows 10 Operating System. Then, click on the “Change Settings” and then tick both the Private and public section. Next, click on the Ok option and exit from the window.

Now restart your system and use it efficiently.

Solution 4: Update Windows 10 System Driver

If you are using any outdated Windows Operating System drivers, then you may face a different kind of problem. This iTunes won’t open problem may be caused due to this outdated drivers. This driver doesn’t contain enough information about the latest technology. Hence, we always suggest updating the Windows driver regularly. So, go to the Start menu and click on the Device and Driver option. Under that, navigate to the Windows 10 Operating System and right-click on it. From there click on the Update the Driver option. Then it will install the latest driver update automatically. Now, restart your system and access the system smoothly.

Solution 5: Uninstall and Reinstall iTunes Application

Sometimes this iTunes won’t open problem may occur due to the problem in the system files. This corrupted and damaged system files may create many problems. For which you may not able to use your system. So go to the Start menu and click on the Device and Driver. Then find the iTunes application and right-click on it. Then select the Uninstall option. After that, download another iTunes application and install it in your system properly. Now, you can use the iTunes application without having any error.

Solution 6: Create New iTunes Library

Many times you may face the problem due to some conflicts in the iTunes’s library. Moreover, this problem may also occur because of the stored junk files and caches. So, delete this junk files and caches from the Start menu. Otherwise, you can create another iTunes library from the directory and save the old files from there. After that, restart your system and try to open the iTunes application. Now, you can open the iTunes application without having any problem.


Now we hope that after going through all these processes you will not face the issues with Google Drive in the future. If you do so, then go through the article again to solve the issue right away.

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