Resolve Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On Issue In No Time With Simple Fixes

Lenovo laptops are one of the most sought after laptop in the world. Being one of the largest manufacturers, however, it is not error free. Lenovo laptop won’t turn on is a very annoying issue as it occurs without any warning. Nevertheless, such an issue can be solved with some easy fixes. In this article, we have jotted down all the fixes that can aid in resolving the problem.

Fixes For Lenovo Laptop Won’t Turn On

Most experts from Lenovo have blamed the battery as the leading reason behind Lenovo laptop screen dim. Here we will look out for all the solutions to overcome the issue.

Fix 1: Reset The Battery

Release static electricity by unplugging or taking out the battery. Then continue pressing the power button for at least 10 seconds. Plug the ac adapter of the laptop into the switchboard and see if it turns on. In the next instance, insert the battery and then check whether your laptop turns on. If it turns on without the battery, then it means the Lenovo dim screen problem lies with the laptop battery.

Fix 2: Disconnect All External Peripherals

If you have any external hardware connected at the moment, then pull it off. Moreover, if any CD or DVD is present inside your laptop, then take it out as well. In the end, restart your device.

Fix 3: Examine The Memory Module

Take out a memory module and check if it turns on. Try this method for each memory module and port. If it does not start when a particular module is in a particular port, then the memory module is bad. Replacing the memory module would be a nice move in this regard. If no memory module works in a port, then it’s a clear indication that the port is at fault. Clean the visible dirt or damage particles and remove the same if any as soon as possible.

Fix 4: Examine The BIOS Setting

See if you can get to the BIOS. Check to make sure if there’s something wrong with the BIOS settings that is preventing your computer from starting.

Fix 5: Use An External Monitor

If the laptop makes noises, but you don’t see a picture, connect to an external monitor to see if it is starting. If that is the case, you probably need a new screen. Replace the old screen with a new one.

Fix 6: Examine The Ports

Check all your ports, especially USB ones. Make sure they are not damaged. Also, verify that there is no shorting when you start the system. Do not touch the switchboard with wet hands as it can give you a powerful shock. Also, try to give your laptop the minimum exposure to outside because lightning strikes can harm the ports.

Fix 7: Reset The RAM

Many users have replied positively about this fix. Resetting the RAM can resolve the issue. Remove the RAM from your system and after a while put it back into the place. Be careful while carrying out this step because if you cannot place the RAM back into the frame accurately, then the laptop might not start properly.

If none of these works, then the problem could be in the motherboard, the chip or in any other hardware peripherals.

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