Different Ways To Install Windows Media Center Windows 10

Windows Media Center is a digital video player developed by Microsoft. It was the default video player for the Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 editions. After that, it was discontinued in the Windows 10 edition. Though you can install the Windows Media Center in your Windows 10 Operating System through the command script installer, Windows Media Center application was the latest and very helpful product back then. With the help of the Windows Media Center application, you can watch any video, audio. Moreover streaming TV, music, films were also additional features in this application.

But from the latest Windows 10 Operating System, Microsoft discounted the Windows Media Center. Dropping it from the Windows 10 leads to much consternation. Many users want that Windows Media Center back in the Windows 10. That’s why we have gathered some information on how you can install Windows Media Center in your Windows 10 Operating System.

Ways To Install Windows Media Center On Windows 10

Many users looking for the solution on how to install WMC in Windows 10 OS. For that reason, we have written this article on the same. We have gathered some useful and effective ways by which you can install it in your ssytem. Go through the whole article and then try to install it in your system.

Download Windows Media Center

Windows Media Center is the most important application for Windows Operating System users. So, many Windows 10 OS users want to know some easy ways by which they can install it in their systems. If you want to install it, then you can download it from an unofficial way. If you’re comfortable in it then you can proceed. There is no problem if use this application.

Open the default web browser in your system and search for the Windows Media Center for Windows 10 and hit the Enter button. After that, from the link given below, click any one of it and download the file.

Install Windows Media Center

After the download procedure finished, go to the location where you have saved it in your system. Now, navigate to the Windows Media Center downloaded file and double-click on it. As it is a zip file, so explore the archive file and extract it in the same location. Now, you can see a WMC folder and paste it in the C drive of your system. Now, double click on that file and find the “_TestRights.cmd” file and right-click on it and select the “Run as Administration” option. After that, a Command Prompt window will open and then close it.

Now, find the “Installer.cmd” file and right-click on it and select the “Run as Administration” option. Again another Command Prompt tab will open on the screen. Now you can see the installation process is going on in the Command Prompt. When the “Press any key to exit” message will appear, then you can close it.

If you find any problem while doing the installation procedure. Then open the “_TestRights.cmd” file again and continue the rest procedure.

Run WMC On Your System

Once the Windows Media Center installation procedure will finish, you can see the Windows Media Center option in the Start menu. If you want to run the application. Then go to the Start menu and type Windows Media Center in the search box. Then double-click on the option to run the application.

Alternative Tips

Whenever you try to download and install the Windows Media Center application in your system. You may face some recommendations to download and install some other in your system. We suggest you not to install those applications, which may damage your system. Otherwise, it may break the Windows 10 Operating System configurations.

Winding Up

We hope that after following the methods mentioned above, you may able to install Windows Media Center application in your Windows 10 Operating system. For any further assistance, you can surely visit the website for more information and knowledge.

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